Laptop Tips

On this page I aim to bring you some useful laptop tips, that will help you maintain your pc or laptop.

1. One of the best free tools you can use is CCleaner.

Click HERE to download CCleaner

2.You should have Java installed on your PC or Laptop.

Click HERE to download Java

3.Adobe Flash Player is another  essential program.

Click HERE to download Adobe Flash Player (32-bit).

4.Not enough memory / ram is usually the main reason for a slow running laptop / pc.

This is a rough guide to the ammount of memory you should have,compared to your operating system.

Win XP 32 bit…………512 mb  = average   1Gb = good   2Gb = excellent

Vista / Win 7 32 bit…..1Gb      = average   2Gb = good   4Gb = excellent

Vista / Win 7 64 bit…..2Gb      = average   4Gb = good   8Gb = excellent

5.Keep your operating system up to date with Windows Updates.

6.If you think your laptop or pc is overheating it may be because the fan is clogged up with  dust.I can provide a full clean up of the fan and heatsink in your laptop or pc.My advice would be to use your laptop on a hard flat surface and never on a bed !!

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