Toshiba Satellite A500/03P. Good laptop?

Question asked by aeidas2ek : Toshiba Satellite A500/03P. Good laptop? Well, I’ll buy a new laptop and I was looking at it and it looked like it might work for me. However I could not find this comment sujet.Je is used primarily for Photoshop CS3, word search and MMOs like WoW and Aion venir.Quelqu one could help me and tell me if this is a good laptop to search for things? So, could you provide details of battery life and other choses.Donc, if possible could you give me another choice. My preferances are atleast a 16 inch screen, a good sign of confidence in the $ 1500 – $ 2000 range. And perform multiple tasks in a position many programs in place at once.? Thanks for your help, its very appréciés.Meilleure response: Answer

by Joe
Its a laptop, very similar to mine, but down different, it has a better video card is ATI4530 mines when he was a 4650 and the screen is different, mine is 1.3 inches more grand.Mon laptop cost about a third of that price ($ 680) Here is a link to a laptop that I know is better and less expensive (improved version of Mines) Use the code Coupon SV2132 on for Laptop dv7t, when you build your laptop, add the video card and TV tuner built in 4650 do it like the Toshiba, but should end up costing mieux.tout as up to $ 800-1000

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