Laptop Review-HP Folio 13-1029wm

Laptop Review-HP Folio 13-1029wm

Article by SmithJames

Laptop Review-HP Folio 13-1029wm – Computers – Laptops

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The Folio 13-1029wm has a conventional laptop shape instead of the pointy profile of the MacBook Air and other skinny-wedge wannabes, but at 0.7 by 12.5 by 8.7 inches (HWD) it’s slim enough to fit into virtually any briefcase or backpack, and at 3.25 pounds (4 pounds with its AC adapter) you’ll almost forget you’re carrying it. We say “almost” because most other 13.3-inch ultrabooks are a few ounces lighter at 2.5 to 2.9 pounds; on the other hand, most of them are also more flex- or wobble-prone than the sturdy-feeling Folio 13.

The Folio 13-1029wm combines a nonskid, soft-touch plastic bottom with handsome brushed aluminum on the lid and palm rest (or what there is of the palm rest not hidden by advertising stickers). Its tile- or island-style HP laptop keyboard is the Folio’s best feature, with a soft but precise typing touch instead of the too-shallow travel of many super-slim laptops and a handy keyboard backlight (toggled by the F5 key) for typing in dim rooms or on night flights.

You needn’t press the Fn key to access functions such as audio controls and screen brightness assigned to F1 through F10, though you must press Fn plus the cursor arrows instead of having dedicated keys for Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn. One oddity: half-sized up and down arrow keys sandwiched between full-sized left and right arrows like the Lenovo Laptop Keyboard . The touchpad and its bottom-corner mouse buttons work smoothly.

The Folio 13-1029wm’s 13.3-inch screen offers 1,366 by 768 resolution. As we noted with the Core i5-equipped HP Folio 13, it’s not the world’s brightest if you’re looking for nth-degree contrast and whiter-than-white backgrounds, but to be honest we didn’t mind that as much as with the Folio 13-1029wm: Left at its top or next-to-top backlight setting, it’s perfectly fine, with good colors and adequate viewing angles.

FeaturesThe Folio 13-1029wm doesn’t have a VGA port for connecting an older monitor or projector, but otherwise it’s well-equipped input-output-wise: One USB 2.0 port and a headphone/microphone jack are on the system’s right side, while one USB 3.0 port, Ethernet and HDMI ports, and an SD/MMC memory-card slot are on the left. Two speakers above the hp laptop keyboard whihc likes the Acer Laptop Keyboard pump out average-quality, amply loud audio; 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provide wireless connectivity.

The HP has a 128GB solid-state drive divided into primary or C: and recovery or D: partitions. Seventy gigabytes of the C: partition are free for the user; the rest are occupied by Windows 7 Home Premium and a software preload including a 60-day Norton Internet Security trial, Microsoft Office 2010 Starter, Evernote, the WildTangent game service, and links to multimedia services ranging from the Blio e-reader to Wal-Mart Photo Center, RaRa Music, and Vudu movies and TV. There is no optical drive but has high capacity Laptop Battery . HP backs the 13-1029wm with a one-year limited hardware warranty with toll-free phone support.

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