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image by pequeno3d Asus Eee PC review, infelizmente Rodando o Mula. Incrivelmente pequeno e robusto palm comparado ao. – Intel Celeron M ULV 353 900 MHz Processador – Memoria RAM DDR2, 667 MHz, 512 MB (expansível até 2 GB) – Memoria Flash 4 GB (ao em substituição HD) – Tela TFT LCD 7 “s From Resolução 800×480 pixels – 0.3 megapixel webcam From – 3 USB 2.0 ports portas – Ethernet 1 Porta – Microphones Saídas E fone of ouvido – Saida VGA – Leitor of Cartões of Memória SD / MMC – embutido Microphones – Wireless 802.11b / g Atheros AR5BXB63 – Bateria Celulas of 4, Li-Ion, 5200 mAh – Touchpad com e Botao rolagem de tela – Audio Realtek ALC6628 – Intel GMA Video 900 -. Kensington Lock Entrada para o prender Eee PC to a cabo de Segurança

OLPC XO: Background and Review laptop reviews asus eee pc
Image robertogreco As many of you already know , we created the pudu mascot for the One Laptop Per Child campaign in Chile ( A niño computador por ). Although the initiative of Chile does not specifically call for OLPC hardware developed by Nicholas Negroponte and his team at MIT, he was inspired by the work done there. Thus, for a lomg time we followed News href =””rel =” nofollow “> about the OLPC machine named XO. Having now lived with for about three weeks XO is our preliminary review of software and hardware, including the history of why we bought our children a computer and how we decided on the XO other options. For a shorter version, just skip the parts about the XO as an e-book reader and scratches. I apologize in advance for the poor writing, but I prefer to get it now than later. More photos in all OLPC . ———– Background ———– A few months ago I posted on our experience with programming . At the time we were at my parents and had access to a total of three computers: ours (a Mac laptop), a laptop of my father (in Vista) and my mother’s office (Windows Me). We had our old iMac screen swingarm with us, but it did not bother setting up for lack of space in addition to the fact that other computerss were available for children at this time utiliser.Pendant we prepared for a six-month trip abroad. Knowing that we would have limitations with regard to the weight of luggage and likely would not have access to regular lending libraries, we decided it would be a smart decision to find a kind of e-book reader for our travels. This was particularly important after a summer and fall reading frenzy that was checking at least five hundred pounds. Sophie was only consuming a thousand pages a week. (We know this because in October, she was curious about this. So we sat with the revenue from the library, search for the lengths of the book on Amazon, and all connected in a spreadsheet (including URLs for each book) who spit on a total of 23,507 pages for the twenty-two weeks.) OLPC recently announced the Give One Get One program in the United States and Canada during the season festivals and ASUS Eee PC became available. We also examined some handheld devices that would be used for e-book reading as iPod Touch , the Nokia N800 or N810 . Considering that the price of the handheld were the same or not much lower and they do not offer the same opportunity to continue to dabble in programming, it seemed like a better option for one of two laptops that allow them to continue exploring. We discussed with Sophie and Enzo and they decided that a laptop for two children would be a great gift. The bonus was being able to have one sent to a child somewhere else in the world probably would not have a computer autrement.À the time we placed our order, the delivery date were estimated at half -January and was home to the grandparents in Washington state. Of course, the G1G1 program was shipping computers to addresses in the participating countries which means that my parents would have to send it to South America when he arrived, so that the children should also accept wait as late as February to receive their XO.Nous have finally left Washington, spent two and a half weeks in Argentina on June 21 and having just arrived in Chile, we received an email from OLPC (dated of December 21) by letting us know that the XO has shipped 19. The message included a FedEx tracking number and when we plugged in the FedEx web site showed that the package was left at the door of my parents. The good news is that it happened much earlier than the scheduled delivery date. The bad news is that my parents had gone to visit my brother and did not intend to return home until they 27e.Depuis therefore unlikely to be checking their mail mail, I sent an email to all my brothers and sisters were asking them to contact my parents or if they knew someone in the area asking them to put in the XO’s cold and maybe the rain as well. We quickly heard from my sister after a few days and confirmed that someone had been able to give him a abri.Finalement, my parents returned home, made arrangements to pick it up, tested, and he obtained by mail by mid-January. He arrived here in Chile, eleven days later and the children were loving him since. ———————- Review There were many comments praising the equipment . The XO is solidly built and includes some technologies that are not found in other laptops. Everyone who has seen the kids’ machine was amazed that was packaged in such a low cost. (Yeah, we know he was supposed to be a laptop at 0, but if you consider inflation, since this target was set, the current price of 8 is very close.) For example, not having a hard drive makes every jolt major and minor The machine takes a lot more bearable for someone who is used to deliver computers with care. Speaking of manipulation, the handle is great for kids and the two small openings for adding a kind of webbing which we have not had a chance to do right away. Finally, most people are not used to having an integrated webcam (even if it is almost becoming standard issue on most laptops). Screen I do not a single complaint to report on the screen. The low power setting works like a charm for playing outside with plenty of sunshine as we have just seen that, with clear skies and long days of summer here in that it rotates around folds dishes and Viña.The is another asset that can not be found in tablet computers today, the Eee PC does not offer this and that also helped make our decision. keyboard This is perhaps the material disadvantage, but I’m really the only one complaining and not much less than. The waterproof keyboard is designed for a purpose and meets the objective. Children are hunting and Peck-typists (like myself) with small fingers (this is my problem), so they have not had many problems as they go about inputing text and keyboard commands . WiFi The wireless reception was walking on our Mac and gave us a fairly impressive penetration wifi here in Vina del Mar. We would like to try the features mesh networking software built into the XO, but will have to wait until we find other XO users to do so. expansion We added a 16 MB SD card (supplied with our camera) which is mainly used for transfer to the ring of our files for Mac and save important files that children, creating a kind of backup system software There are too many activities to reach each of the examination is much longer than it was intended to be, so here I am mostly mentioning some of the favorites of children and giving you a bit more about those they use most. sugar Interface (XO GUI ) First, the user must be prepared to s’ adapt to a new way of looking at the operating system Sugar was criticized and mocked by many, but the kids have picked up immediately and I myself have come to appreciate many of its charms. Thurs noted they had already played with the interface when I run off a CD on an old Dell laptop from work that was headed for the trash. There is room to improve sugar, but considering the target audience is true will work with these computers without much (if any) previous experience on any computer, the pain is instant adjustment removed from the equation. draw and write (pre-installed) There are no frills in one of these activities. They serve the purpose just as their names suggest. When children want to write a record or history, write (I think it is a version if AbiWord) steps in and does the job quickly. If they need an illustration for that story or any other purpose, draw works much like Windows Paint. Browser (pre-installed) Children have few complaints, especially after the upgrade from 650 to 653 What is the system seems to make significant improvements in speed of the browser, Although it may have been the result of something else – there is no definite evidence. I created a little web launch pad we’ll call Soen – Nose for children (a Sun page text only it loads quickly) that contains links to many sites they visit on the web. Somewhat awkward version of Adobe Flash plugin can be installed and we did at first, but as we have updated the system software, we did not install flash player nouveau.XO as e -book (pre-installed) One of the reasons we chose XO over other options like the Asus Eee PC of what it is about ability to work as a reader e-book.Avant leaving our trip, Sophia had read HG Wells The Time Machine that j ‘ had recommended to feed his addiction science fiction. Thus, after the XO arrived, we immediately downloaded several classic science fiction of HG Wells and Jules Verne as e-books in different formats (. Pdf. Txt,. Html). So far, our sources are preferred and Project Gutenberg . Launching pad for Children has links to several other sites ainsi.ManyBooks is especially nice because it offers many different formats, including HTML for each book, printing large PDF files, PDF files formatted for the iPhone (Sophia who loves the XO) and even better (in my opinion) an option to create custom PDF and HTML files. The XO can handle both. While the player does not appear the icon at the bottom of the screen, just like other activities, it is pre-installed and run when a PDF is opened. HTML file opens in the browser. TXTVoici some of the books we got loaded onto the XO right now: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea href = Around the World in 80 Days , The Mysterious Iceland , A Journey to the Center of the Earth href = “” War of the Worlds The Time Machine and The Invisible Man . ‘/ I> eToys (pre-installed) I do not know how to describe eToys. For children it was not quite new having played with Squeakland (which is based eToys) using both Mac and Windows machines. The activity allows them to play with and combine a variety of media. TamTam (pre-installed) Both children enjoy the four TamTam What activities enable them to create music of different façons.Art Turtle, Tortoise and Pippy with sensors (the first two pre-installed, the latest add-on) is a version of Turtle Art XO logo Seymour Papert that allows students to write programs (instruction set) to direct a turtle on the screen and leaving a trail (the drawing). Pippy is a version of the Python programming language for the XO. Turtle Art with Sensors allows the turtle to control the noise level and pitch and (through a connected device) the tensile strength. Scratch (add-on, must separately download ) When half of a version of Scratch for the XO appeared for download a week ago and a the children were delighted. Scratch is by far their favorite programming environment, and while they enjoy playing with Turtle Art and Pippy, nothing could compare to scratch. They were not disappointed as they have spent countless hours working on a variety of projects, individually or in teams. I could even say that if the XO was not a scratch portable machine, it would be good value, but of course it is much more, if this section does not need to be done. Sim City (add-on) SimCity is a classic. The version available for the XO is the original and outside the small text can be a bit difficult to read, it works wonderfully. Since the load on the XO, the children spent many hours learning the ins and outs of the game Guido van Robot, Ruler, Stopwatch (add-ons) Some other activities we downloaded and installed. Ruler and stopwatch are useful for exactly what you expect them to be. Guido van Robot programming is another type of activity that we tinker with an acoustic band peu.Mesure and cat (pre-installed) These are two activities that we would try, but as mesh network, we will need to wait until we have a little more to the owners of XO around the Sun Warning Not all in vivid, perfect with the XO, but we knew from the beginning that the software was the silent state in a sort of beta. Although our first attempt to get online was easy to succeed, we had a few snafus after connecting to wifi that have since been resolved. We also encountered some frustration regarding some additional software (none of the items mentioned above) that can be added. Finally, we had some problems with the volume being set to zero and not be able to readjust. All that being said, we have upgraded the system with 650 version that it shipped to the 653 days of its receipt and, possibly, 656 Which version is currently the latest stable release. At this point, everything works fine. ———– Conclusion ———– The XO is not for everyone. If you can afford a full-fledged laptop, if you want to do extensive typing, if you have no interest in experimenting with a new interface, or if you do not want to deal with beta-ish software, c ‘ is probably not the machine for you and you should look elsewhere. The target audience for this machine is a child who is eager to experiment and learn. The XO fits the bill perfectly. It thus serves as a great, albeit a bit heavy, e-book reader.MISE UPDATE An important point that I forgot to make is that the children pose for a USB mouse because the trackpad, built-in seems to be too sensitive to be based on the XO a pleasant experience.

Elonex ONE – Asus EE PC – OLPC XO laptop review asus eee pc Image
Wayan Vota Read the review ‘Elonex ONE at OLPC News .


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