Acer Laptop Price in India 2012 And Features

Acer Laptop Price in India 2012 And Features

Article by Robert Blume

Acer Laptop Price in India 2012 And Features – Technology – Cell Phones

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Acer laptops are generally less expensive than their competition. That is one of the reasons why consumers are drawn to the simple, no-frills machines. But that doesn’t mean that they are less reliable than other better-known laptop brands. Before purchasing an Acer laptop, ensure that it has all of the features and software that you need in your day-to-day computer usage. You may find that it has just the right amount of features, memory and functionality for the price. The relatively low price can lead some to believe that Acer laptops are unreliable or lack basic features, but keeping the Acer brand in the lower-price range helps entice buyers past the less-than-recognizable name and lack of styling. Acer proves that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a quality laptop. Their laptop is ideal as an individual’s first laptop or a secondary computer to another laptop or desktop. They are heavily reviewed by industry magazines and websites. In general, Acer laptops garner favorable reviews, although each outlet had similar complaints about the lack of styling and customization.

acer laptops price list provides a list of different laptops accomplishing the needs of diverse consumers. If you clearly go through the Acer laptops price list, it shows some of the best laptops which are fitted with the highest quality of products at a very economical price range. In its existing line ups Acer unleashed a new Aspire 5253 in this segment. This new offering by Acer has been targeted towards the economically priced segment of notebooks. The display is built with a 15.6 inch. It includes a speedy AMD Dual Core E-350 Processor, which is based on AMD’s Fusion technology to spend through applications. The second is the the Acer TravelMate 6495T laptop which is power4ed by Intel second generation core i5-2540M processor with 3 MB L3 cache memory and comes with 4 GB RAM. It is well supported by Intel HD graphics 3000 and Intel Mobile QM67 Express chipset. All these high-end features enhance its fast processing. This Acer laptop displays a 14 inch WXGA display with LED backlit technology. It comes with huge 640 GB of hard disk drive.

Another cool device is the Acer Aspire One D250 is the affordable and ultra-portable netbooks having perfect balance of sophisticated technical specifications and elegance. It offers you superior pleasure of movies, videos, audio tracks and other apps with long-battery life and performance. Acer Aspire One D205 price comes around Rs.21, 500 only. Similarly, Acer Aspire 5740 Window 7 Home Premium OS running laptop loaded with various Firefox windows, worked with office and number of yielding apps. Its 15.6inches screen is quite bright and crystal clear. The Acer laptops price list tells that this brand has wide range of notebooks that basically divided into three main categories like Aspire, TravelMate and Ferrari. Their laptops price list are available on a number of online stores.

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